A Rhino Eating Tiger

You must have heard or read stories about tigers transforming into man eaters and preying on humans. But a tiger changing into a rhino eater is an unusual thing and Dudhwa, one of the most prominent national parks in India, has been witnessing this uncommon incident of rhino eating for a few months now. Recently a tiger sneaked into the territory marked for rhinos and killed an adult 34 years old female. Has it been only a killing, the incident would not sound so weird. The tiger also ate “Pavitri”, the female rhino who was brought to Dudhwa from Assam around three decades back at a tender age of only 5.

A tiger in one of the wild India tours

Getting the taste of a new delicacy

Rhino in a wild India tour

I never thought they could eat me

This was the fifth incident of a tiger attacking a rhino in recent times. No matter how fearless a tiger is elephants and rhinos are generally off the limits. Give credit to their sizes or some other hidden factor, a tiger usually restrain himself from attacking these two mighty creatures. They may attack and kill younger calves but tigers seldom get into a battle with fully grown adult rhinos as the size and strength of these creatures empower them to defend themselves. Attacking adult rhinos is against the normal hunting pattern, said by the officials in Dudhwa.

Since the incident took place officials started analyzing and identifying reasons, could it be the shrinking prey base in the national park or is there any other reason which is not apparent right now. Officials are also trying to find out why the adult female rhino could not defend herself. Was she incapacitated?

Whatever be the reasons or findings, the truth is that a member of a rapidly endangering species killed which could have been avoided

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