Territorial Fight Between B2 and Kalwa in Bandhavgarh

Tiger is a reserve animal and is famous for its solitary lifestyle. A tiger is so fond of its solitude that it establishes and maintains a range. A range, which can be called its kingdom, can cover an area as large as 100 sq. km. A tiger never tolerates the presence of another tiger within its range and if it happens, territorial disputes are usually solved by displays of intimidation rather than aggression. The weaker tiger accepts its defeat by rolling on to its back and showing its belly in a submissive manner. Once dominance is established, a tiger may allow the subordinate to stay within its range. The scenario only gets ugly when a matter related to a female is involved. Following are three clips we recorded few years back during one of our wild India tours in Bandhavgarh, depicting territorial fight between B2* (The most dominating tiger in Bandhavgarh at that time) and Kalwa (another tiger trying to get into the territory marked by B2). In the end, Kalwa accepted its defeat by rolling onto its back, just as mentioned above.

* B2 was a powerful and the most photographed tiger in the history of Indian Safaris. B2, died in November 2011 at an age of 14, was the son of Charger (The most dominating tiger who put Bandhavgarh on the Safari map and died at an age of 18 in 2000).

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