Assimilating Wild India…

We have been indulged in Indian wildlife tours for more than a decade now. We have seen it all and we have done it all. From the meadows of Kanha to the adventurous Corbett, from the glorious Ranthambore to the astounding Bandhavgarh, we have chased animals and explored the wilderness. After facilitating and escorting more than 5000 people from around 50 nationalities through the dense & dark jungles in different parts of this beautiful country, we can now claim to know the wild better than anyone else. Hence we decided to share this knowledge/exuberance with the people willing or planning or thinking to explore the jungles.

There are already numerous blogs on the net writing about the same topic we have chosen.  Albeit we believe there is a lot more to write and tell about the places, we would be focusing more on our journeys than the destinations. We would be writing about all the fun and challenges we have taken up during a safari. We will write about our own experience, our own stories.

An avid traveler, a photographer, a naive software engineer or an enthusiastic student, you could be anyone out there with a deeo desire to explore the jungles and this blog would definitely help you creating a fascinating image of Indian wildlife before you actually go there. You could be an armchair traveler or a nomadic photographer, this journal of ours would act as a reference for your safari in India.


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